Free look-ups

I am a member of the free look-up service on Genealogy Helplist Denmark. I offer look-ups in the following church records on microfiches in Thisted district:

Bedsted 1707-1814
Grurup 1707-1818
Harring 1648-1817
Hundborg/Jannerup 1715-1814
Hundborg 1814-1839
Nors/Tved 1675-1761
Nors 1759-1815
Skjoldborg/Kallerup 1641-1763
Skjoldborg 1764-1814
Skyum-Hørdum 1719-1815
Snedsted 1759-1809
Stagstrup 1648-1816
Sønderhå/Hørsted 1696-1825
Vester Vandet 1691-1814


Also, I can help you with small translations of Danish words and sentences, free of charge.

Other Look-Ups

If you need look-ups in parish records other than the above-mentioned, census info, or other kinds of genealogical help, I do look-ups on an hourly rate.

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This page was updated 17 August 2001